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Тимошин Андрей executive chef
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Увлекательные гастрономические путешествия, новые интересные и необычные рецепты и наработки из личного опыта,трендовые модные концепции современной кулинарии, анонсы книжных новинок, фотографии новых и любимых блюд, дружеское и коллегиальное общение, приятельские посиделки "у плиты", идеи для умелых неленивых рук, еда в пути, добрые споры, кулинарные гастрономические акции, участие в FooD шоу, и многое другое... добро пожаловать для доброго общения!

Норильск,Полтавский кооперативный техникум, Харьковский политехнический институт,ООО "Радуга",МГУ Ломоносова "Уровень 12", "Петр-1", "Арлекино","Российская нициональная гильдия шеф-поваров",Экко-Росс, "Сингапурская ассоциация Шеф-поваров",""Амазонки", SATSS Сингапур, Международный аэропорт Домодедово, Школа технологического менеджмента Флоренция, Гастрономическая школа Эскофье...

Kharkov Polytechnical University
Major: Food technologies. Manufacturing process management.

General work experience is of 21 years including 20 years in food industry and public catering.
April 2011 – present
JSC “AEROPIT-SERVICE” (Sheremetyevo Int. Airport and Domodedovo Int. Aiport, Moscow)
Position: Brand Chef
2008- April 2011
JSC “DOMODEDOVO CATERING SERVICE” (Domodedovo Int. Airport, Moscow)
Position: Head of group for recipe development and assortment design, Chef
2005- 2008
Position: Head of Production
2003- 2005
Club & Restaurant “Amazons”
Position: Head of Production
2000- 2003
Club & Restaurant “Arlekino”
Position: Head of Production
1992- 2000
Restaurant “Level 12” (in Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov)
Position: Chef
1990- 1992
Technical training college
Position: teacher of food preparation technology

Advanced training
- Culinary school “Giglio”, Italy (certificate enclosed)
- SATS Catering, Singapore (certificate enclosed)
- French culinary school “Ritz Escoffier”, Paris (certificate enclosed)

Professional skills and personal traits:
- experienced in administrative management, high discipline, personal responsibility, initiative, creative approach, strong in forecasting, stable system of life values, the ability to self-development;
- design and development of general gastronomic concept of the enterprise, constant upgrading of the effective assortment of dishes, introduction of author’s dishes;
- corporate and industrial dining, VIP-service, transport catering. Dietary and medical dining, meals for children;
- design of new gastronomic products, semi-products of high level of readiness and their implementation in mass manufacturing;
- design of menu and meal assortments in accordance with religious canons;
- highly competent in food production processes as per HACCP system; knowledge of the sanitary rules and regulations and the labour safety regulations;
- monitoring of food industry market. Substantiation for technological renovation of the equipment;
- food production planning, cost optimization;
- meal presentation, PR-action planning and conducting;
- constant participation in culinary competitions, HoReCa exhibitions, culinary shows on TV and thematic training programs;
- cooperation with the leading specialists of the profile Moscow high schools with regard to innovations.

Additional info
Valid member of the National Chef Guild
Computer skills: MS Office (Word, Excel), ERP-system Compass


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